Saturday, 13 February 2010

Some layouts...

I am so sorry - I totally forgot to show you all the layouts from my CT using Shades of Happy, and they are so gorgeous that you just have to see them, so without further ado.....

This first one is from Gina - the bird is so beautiful!

This one is from Laramie - cute photo!

This one is from Mel - I know, Mel is on my CT!! LOL! It's been a while since we saw a layout, that I even wondered myself!! ROFL! Love you Melly xx

This is from Nancy - this girl is always out having fun, isn't she?

And finally, one from Peni - very cute!

Well, I do have a new kit starting tomorrow, so you must go collect all the parts of Shades of Happy now because the links will not be available anymore after tomorrow. TTFN.


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