Wednesday, 17 February 2010

An update on me!

It's been a while since I did a personal blog post and I really need to do them more often - I love reading back through my old posts and remember what I'd been doing at that time. So, this is going to be one of those posts to kick off my new blog design! Do you like it? I hope you do because I am going to be selling "Blogs To Go" soon, so if you've been looking for a new blog makeover, watch this space!

Back to my update! So, I've been really, really busy, so this could turn into a long post. Firstly, I went to CHA in Anaheim in January which was a LOT of fun (and hard work of course). Our first day was spent shopping - we went to a huge shopping mall and spent our pennies - we literally shopped until we dropped with a visit to both Target and Michaels on the way home! What more could a girl ask? We then spent three days at CHA - check me out posing in front of the convention centre!

I was in charge of blog updates for ScrapaGoGo and choosing favourite lines and products each day. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it!! LOL! I also got to catch up with some dear friends who I met last time I was at CHA - Alyssa and Carrie-Anne who are at Couture Cardstock and Candy who works with Graphic 45 and is the new Editorial Director at Scrap N' Art. Candy is the sweetest girl ever and gave me some Graphic 45 goodies which I will make some cards with and show off to you at a later date! It was amazing to see them all again and I really hope it's not the last time!

After the "business" was done, we had some time for play!! We decided to spend a day at Disney - it was my first EVER visit and I had such a ball. I have always thought that maybe it would be too childish for me at Disney, but I loved it so much and I got to meet Tigger which was a definite highlight. I am waiting for the CD from the photopass, so when I get that I will show you us having a cuddle! In the meantime, here is Tigger posing for you!! Work it Tigger!! LOL!

And here are all the girls outside of Disney - getting ready to enter the park! We were so excited!

Oh, and guess what? We were asked to be in the parade! Can you believe it? We were really excited and were taught the secret princess wave so that we could wave to our public!! LOL! It was such fun and we had VIP access to the character parade and got to dance with the characters - great fun!

Next day we had a tour of LA including the Hollywood sign, the shopping district of LA, Farmers Market and Beverly Hills! Check me out under the sign - not very clear I know, but it is there!! lol!

Now, to finish off the day, we paid a visit to Rodeo Drive. Firstly we visited the Beverly Wilshire hotel (of Pretty Woman fame) and the wonderful Michael allowed us to use the pristine facilities! Thank you Michael - you are a STAR! Check us all out!

And then we went to Tiffany's to finish our retail therapy! Thank you to Chip for being wonderful and making us feel at home. I even parted with a few hard earned dollars and bought a beautiful bracelet. Don't let these HUGE bags fool you - Chip gave them to us after we all had bag envy!! LOL!

The final morning that we were there, we went for a character breakfast in Goofy's kitchen which was amazing! Have you ever had a peanut butter and jelly pizza? You MUST!! Here is the chef...

So, that was California - lots of fun, but exhausting!

Since I've been back, I have been busy at work (the work that pays the bils!) - catching up on the week I missed! Also, I have been preparing my hybrid classes for the GoGo Getaway - I am teaching two classes and I am really excited about it. I obviously can't show you those projects just yet, but I will show them to you after the event at the end of March. We also got the store up and running which took a lot of effort, but I knew it would be worth it, so the time was spent well! Are you still with me?

And to Pompey and Lily - they are still living the life of riley! I actually took Pompey instead of Lily to Agility this week and it was HILARIOUS! He took FIVE minutes to do the dog walk! Admittedly, it was his first time and it was 5 feet high, but I couldn't stop laughing! Eventually, he jumped off the top because he didn't want to go down the other side! Sooooo funny!! Lily decided to roll in fox poo yesterday, so she is not in my good books - you could say, she's in the dog house!! lol!

Well, that's all for today! I hope I didn't bore you too much! I'll be back at the weekend. TTFN.


Claireliz said...

Yay! Vicki, you should blog you more IYSWIM. Good luck with Blogs to Go, can't wait to see them, I may have to change mine again ;)

Lorraine said...

Blogs To Go - definately a winner!

We sure did have fun didn't we - it alll seems such a long time ago:(


Snowsmoon said...

I like the new blog set up.

Marif said...

Fun to know what you've been up to!
You sure sound busy, but you did awesome with both the store and the blog look!
And thanks for all the comments in the gallery. It must take you time, but it is really fun and rewarding to know you check our layouts and enjoy them!

Snowsmoon said...

Well, I am back and read the wonderful About Me blog post all the way this time...So glad you had a wonderful visit to CA and it sounded like so much fun!!!! So when are you coming to Florida? We have all the theme parks, universal studios and Sea World here too! And Orlando has tons of shopping, convention centers (two of them I think) and only 35 minutes from my house.

It was wonderful to read about you again...yes you must do it more often.

Hugs and xxxs from across the pond.

Laramie said...

Sounds like your trip was a blast. I'm sorry you had to smell poo. That is not my favorite thing with our pooch either. Why do they do it? Yuck!

Sylvia92 said...

Hi Vicki !
I see how much you had fun there!!!
Well, as I'm watching the Ski (Ladies) on TV, After watching beautiful Lynsey Vonn "flying down the hill, I read your long update !
It sound you had a great time and I can just imagine all the exitement. I went to Disney Florida, and I was just like you there ! Lucky you who went to California... That's a dream to me too !
And smelly poo ?... I knew that with my Afghan hound but it's probably not as worth to clean !!!! Imagine long hair.... LOL !
Hugs !

makeyesup said...

It sounds like you had such a super time, all work and no play. Oops, all play and no work. Was good to hear what you have up to and it sounds like you 2 big babies are healthy and enjoying themselves.

Stacey said...

Ohhh it sounds like you had so much fun!! Love the pictures! I am so jealous, I wish I could have went! So sorry about the poo...eww that is just nasty! lol

Yvette said...

First of I really like the new look. You did a great job. Love the update on your trip to CHA.

Sheena said...

didn't we have a great trip Vicki x

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