Friday, 16 April 2010

Where does time go?

I cannot believe it's only 2 weeks until my sabbatical. When I first chose when I would take it, it was a year away and here were are now, almost there! Part of me is really, really excited, but other part of me is in full on stress mode because of the amount of stuff that I have to offload onto others so that they can do my job while I am gone! It feels like I'm leaving my job rather than taking 3 months off! Unfortunately, I will have to go back in August - as long as we have a mortgage, I'll have to continue to work!! LOL!

This morning, I got my latest monthly kit from ScrapaGoGo and it's DELICIOUS! Even Pompey and Lily wanted to give it a sniff when it arrived! I will have to do more paper scrapping this weekend to make room for the new goodies I guess!!

Tonight we are going to friends for dinner - really looking forward to that! However, note to self - diet starts on the first day of sabbatical and continues until Sara visits in July!! LOL! That should be long enough to lose a few pounds so that I can have some photos taken when she's here!

Did I tell you that on Monday, Lily and I went to agility and we played 'boxed pairs'. It's basically a relay with two dogs and two handlers and our team came first three out of the four times we did it!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! Lily is a clever little thing - if anything though, I hold her back because I can't run as fast as she can!! LOL!

OK, enough rambling from me for the day - I'll be back tomorrow with news of my new kit and on Sunday with a new freebie kit starting (assuming I find the time to finish it!). TTFN.


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you have a lot going on this week. Have fun.

Sylvia92 said...

Vicki ! So here you are at the very end of your jump to your sabbatical time !... We are therefore both in a special exiting, anxious, stressing period and then we will be both sharing stories !!!!.... I'm so happy for you !.... We must keep in touch !!!!..... Will you be blogging ???? What will be your time for that ???? HUGS XOXOXO

Sara said...

Can't wait to see the new, sexy, skinnier you in person ;) Cheers Sara

Sara said...

Hmmmmm.... just realised this means I should probably pull my finger out and lose some weight too... can't have you looking waaaaaay more sexy then me... ROFLMAO

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