Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This 'n' that!

As the title of this blogpost suggests, there are a few things for me to tell you about today, so sit back and relax if you have a little time :)

Firstly, my sabbatical has started. My last day at work for three months was on Friday and it was a fairly busy day, but I got everything done and went out with Jenny and Tina for drinks after work. I had a fab time - we don't go out often because they live in Bath and I'm in Bristol, but we should because we had lots of fun!! Here are the girls taken on my hipstamatic camera - if they look like they've had too much to drink, that's because they have!!

This week so far.... Monday was a public holiday, so I treated it like a Sunday, relaxing and doing not much!! Yesterday (my first official day of not working), I did the grocery shopping, started my spring clean (I am doing one room per day!), walked the dogs, went to the dry cleaners (I've been meaning to for months) and made homemade moussaka for dinner! Hubby was impressed with my new domestic goddess status!! lol! Today, I took Pompey to the vet (he seems to be losing weight, has blood in his poo and is drinking lots) - he had a urine test and a blood test - we are waiting for the results - fingers crossed he will be ok. He doesn't have diabetes though - the urine test ruled that out, which is a relief. I also continued my spring clean (room two), caught up on a couple of TV shows that I recorded, walked the dogs, cooked dinner and finished a new kit for the store (you'll see it in a couple of weeks or so).

Tomorrow will see room three of my spring clean, cut and colour for my hair, walking the pups, cooking dinner and most importantly voting in our general election. I am still totally undecided on who to vote for, but I have about 27 hours before it becomes essential for me to decide!! I have always used my vote since I turned 18 and it's a really important thing to me. Even if who I vote for doesn't make it into power, at least I had a part in it and I am fully entitled to complain when things go wrong!! No vote, no voice!

Sounds like my sabbatical hasn't been really exciting yet and that's true, but I wanted to use this first week to catch up on all the things that are a chore when you work full time. Next week, if hubby isn't working, we are taking off in his van with the pups for an adventure! Can't wait!

OK, so back to scrapping and I haven't shown you the latest store collab, have I? We decided to do another colour collection - we called this one Funkytown! Take a look....

This is what my CT did with it - check out the other girls blogs for their CT layouts too.

You can buy this in store for just $5 - or each part is $1. As there are 10 parts to it, you get each part for just $0.50 when you buy in a bundle. What a bargain hey?

Finally, check out my challenge here to win 5 free pages at Pages to Treasure worth $25 and also vote in my poll - you'll see it at the top right of my blog!

OK, that's all for today - I will be back soon. TTFN.


Claireliz said...

Oh you lucky lady on a 3 month sabbatical...I'm not slightly jealous, I'm always this shade of green lol:)

*charygirl said...

Hi Vicki!! Sabatical sounds wonderful. I started mine today too! All summer off. I hear you on the spring clean, it's rough just trying to keep up after a long day. The little corners get dusty...snicker
Funky Town looks amazing, as usual! The CT did a wonderful job.
Hugs for Pompey, and hopefully a sweet rip in the van.

So~Inkin~Cute said...

I REALLY REALLY REEEEALLY LOVE this months collab. The colors are so awesome!!!

Also, I read on your blog that you are officially on your sabbatical now! Good for you! That is really great! :)

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