Thursday, 22 July 2010

Challenge time!

OK, many of you participated with our World Cup challenges at Scrap That Idea and we had some fun chatting to each other along the way. To keep that going, I have decided to do regular challenges and keep the forum so that we can all continue to chat. Sound like fun?

Basically, it's all going to run on a points based system - you get points for submitting a layout, making comments on other layouts and also for winning of course. There will also be prizes for winning challenges - kits from my store. As an added incentive, your points will add up to be converted into coupons for my store, so everyone is a winner in one way or another. All of the details are contained in the challenge thread of the STI forum.

So the first challenge you get a freebie mini kit to play with. However, you only get it by registering at the forum and posting in the challenge thread that you intend to take part in the challenge - it's a participation freebie, not a general freebie to everyone, so if you don't intend to play along in any of the challenges, please don't register because I have to validate the registrations manually and it does take a lot of time :). Some people registered before for the World Cup promo, but have been deleted because they never posted in the forum - if that is you, you will need to re-register if you want to play this time - sorry for this added step, but I want to keep the users pruned to the ones who use the forum - it's easier for me to administer that way.

So, the freebie is ready and waiting for those who are playing - here's a peek at what it looks like:
I can't wait to see you all at the forum and playing along to win prizes and coupons. TTFN.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Love your challenges Vicki. Kirsty (kmshep01)

Aggy said...

Always been a massive fan of you! I'll make sure I sign up for this challenge!

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