Thursday, 29 July 2010

My new camera!

Woohoo! I got my new camera today and I am in love! It's a Canon EOS 1000d and it's perfect for me. I have so many things that I should be getting finished, but couldn't resist a play today - check out these photos just taken on automatic (which is much more awesome than my point and click) - can't wait to learn the manual settings! First up is Lily pulling a strange face, but I love how she is totally in focus and the background blurred slightly - drawing your eye to her face. I know those of you who know anything about photography are not going to be impressed by this, but I am!! LOL!

And this photo is really funny - I actually caught Lily's tongue licking hubby's face - with my old camera, it would have been a blur!

And this is my absolute favourite photo of the day - it's of my gorgeous boy, Pompey. Again, the photo draws you into his face. As I said.... I am IN LOVE! I know I have so much to learn and I cannot wait! TTFN.


Michelle Simone said...

Those photos are gorgeous! I just got a new camera too, a coolpix, and it goes everywhere with me now. Your doggies are adorable :)

marsie55 said...

Great photos!! Isn't it amazing what a difference a new camera makes!! I just got the Nikon D90 and am having fun learning too! My husband has banned me from a new camera til I die, lol !! Have lots of fun ..

jacqueline said...

This is a very good camera and i love your pictures.I decided to do some lessons with my bridgecamera and than maybe step over to a bigger camera after i took some more lessons.This is one of my hobbies beside scrapbook and digital art.
Well i love your little place here,keep on surpising us with your lovely shares and stuff.

many greetings from Jacqueline

GreenfieldOriginal said...

The photo's are gorgeous Vicki! I got an EOS myself and I really love it.


Karen said...

Try and get out of the habit of using Auto as soon as you can. Start playing around in TV - that's where you play around with the shutter setting, and it's a halfway point between shooting in full manual, so it's easier to learn in. Basic rule of thumb: a high shutter speed captures movement really well, but lets in less light. So you won't get much blur, but if you're inside your photo might come out too dark. Move your dial round and play in TV - honestly, your photos will very quickly be so much better than in Auto. Have fun playing! A new camera is so exciting.

LifeAsDinkers said...

ooh, i hate that my point and shoot is busted again(went spelunking w/o a dicapac,dang)and now at the service center. seriously flirting with the idea of a dslr or a canon G10(or 11), but cant afford it right now,sigh! so for now,will just enjoy the pix you guys your dogs vicki, they're gorgeous subjects! haaavve fuuun!

Sue said...

Fun pictures of Pompey and Lily! I especially like the tongue shot. I included a LONG tongue shot in a layout for my sister's puppy, Riley. If you want a little chuckle, check it out here:

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