Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New CT members

I am really late with this post too and I'm struggling right now, so I should be in bed, but you know how things play on your mind if you don't get them done, so this is one of those things I can tick off the list :)

You may remember I had a CT call not so long ago and from that search, I found some wonderful galleries to look out - so thank you all for applying. I was looking for one person because I had already found one lady. Dawn has been a friend in scrapland for a long time and she is a great designer. However, she has stopped designing for a while to concentrate on some time to herself and asked if I wanted a new CT member and I was over the moon - you will see her amazing talent over the weeks with my kits.

This is what Dawn looks like and a little about her:

My name is Dawn Mills and I live on the east coast of Florida. I have lived in this area of Florida since 1980. I have four children, who are all out on their own now. I also have 6 grandchildren, 2 girls and 4 boys. They are my drive to preserve the past so that they know our family, which is now spread worldwide. One Sister, 4 brothers and my beloved parents who live in southeast Missouri has not lived around each other for a while now so I found digital scrapping a great way to share my children with my family.

I have always been a creative person with a lot of hobbies. I have tried my hand at drawing, cross-stitching, needlepoint, sewing (clothes and crafts), and ceramics over the years. My two favorites are: 1) Digital photography, which got me interested in digital scrap booking so that I could show off the thousands of photos that I have, and 2) Quilting, which is very time consuming but relaxing while watching a movie. I still love it, but haven’t done much of it in the past few years, too busy Scrapping, blogging and hopping around Scrapland. ~Snowsmoon’s Design aka Dawn

And my CT call found Juli - she has applied for my team a couple of times since I first had a CT and this time I really couldn't resist :) Her scrapping style is beautiful and I am sure you're going to love it! This is what Juli looks like and a little about her:

I have been married to my husband Brett for 3 1/2 yrs. I will be starting my 4th yr teaching 6th grade in the fall. I started digiscrapping in October of 2008 and am completely addicted. I am excited to be on Vicki’s team, she was one of the very first designers I came across when I discovered digi and have been a huge fan ever since!

Now I would like to show you some layouts I've done recently for the other girls at STI. First up is Howdy Cowboy - Sara's latest kit:

And Stacey's latest kit is a beautiful Summer kit called Summer Daze.

Finally, I have joined a new CT as a guest (so not every kit), and that CT is Nathan's - I did a collab with him a little while ago. He has a new freebie kit called Remember the Past - take a look below. I hope you like them. Back to bed for me. TTFN.


Snowsmoon said...

AWWW... Thank you so much for the warm welcome to your Creative Team. We have been friends for some time now and I have always admired your work and each time I worked with one of your designs, I have always been so pleased and very nice to work with. Big HUGS Vicki and I am honored to be on your team. XOXO

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