Wednesday, 21 July 2010

When Friends Meet!!

I owe you all a post about Sara's visit from Australia and here it finally is!! Sorry that it's so late, but I have been feeling really crappy since she left - a really horrible head cold that has spread to my chest - blah!!  

I have to tell you, that many people asked me if I was nervous about meeting someone in real life for the first time and them staying in my house with their whole family. I have to tell you, I wasn't at all. I have been friends with Sara online now for a couple of years and I think we know each other fairly well. We also knew our hubbies would get on as they are really similar.

So, they arrived on Saturday and looked surprising good considering they'd spent more than 24 hours travelling. The kids were in high spirits and really well behaved (even though Sara worried about them from time to time). They are a real credit to their parents! They were excited about the stairs in my house as they don't have any at home - we were convinced there would be an accident and sure enough mid-week, Aiden fell down almost from the top. He wasn't hurt - just a bit shocked thank goodness! I made dinner the first night they were here, which is incredible as I very rarely cook! I think it went down well - everyone finished off their plates and seemed happy!! We had an early night after the heavy day. It was funny that Sara and Dave closed the windows in the bedroom when Rob and I had ours WIDE open and left off the covers because it was so hot! That's the difference between Australia and England's climate! Crazy!

The next day we had a barbeque with a few friends and neighbours and introduced the Aussies to an English party for the World Cup final! I even introduced Sara to Pimms which she loved and is talking about finding in Australia now.

The next day saw the start of the sightseeing - we went to South Wales to visit some castles. We saw Chepstow Castle - this is both of us having our photo taken at the entrance:

Tintern Abbey - a beautiful abbey in ruins, but still very impressive:

Raglan Castle - with a moat and looking like the perfect castle:

In both castles, we were looking for princesses for Megan, but we didn't find one - the theory was that she had to go shopping for shoes :) Megan bought it, so that's the main thing!!

Tuesday saw us visiting the Georgian city of Bath - there is lots to see and we looked at the main sights, but we also enjoyed the Lion parade - there are 100 lions in and around Bath and we managed to find 30 of them - here are a couple with the kids posing!

Then we went to Trowbridge near Bath to visit some family friends of Sara's - we had a lovely lunch with them - they were so welcoming to us - I really enjoyed meeting them.

On Wednesday, we 'did London' with my hubby as our tour guide - it was hectic and we were absolutely exhausted at the end of it, but we saw so much - here is a snapshot of what we saw. This is most of us outside Buckingham Palace (Sara is taking the photo):

This is the Houses of Parliament and the iconic Big Ben:

And another easily recognised landmark - Tower Bridge which we were really lucky to see opening:

We saw a lot more, but I don't want to bore you too much!! LOL!

Thursday was a rest day - we chilled out, went for a walk, the boys went to the pub for a couple of drinks. Then in the evening, Sara and I had a girls night out! We had tapas at a Spanish restaurant, then watched Eclipse whilst drinking cocktails - very decadent!! We really enjoyed the movie and thought it was much better than New Moon. Sara is definitely team Edward, but I have to say, I am team Edward one day and then team Jacob the next - the film didn't resolve that!! LOL! Here's a photo of Sara and I ready to go out!!

On Friday, we visited the zoo in Bristol for the kids - it's a gorgeous zoo and I think the kids really enjoyed it. We then went to look at the iconic symbol of Bristol - the Clifton Gorge Suspension Bridge. Unfortunately, it rained - A LOT - and we got wet so we didn't walk across it, but we did see it from the viewing point! Isn't it spectacular?

On Saturday, it was time to leave... :( We really enjoyed the visit and having all of the family in our home for the week. I hope they enjoyed it too and felt comfortable in our company - we certainly enjoyed theirs very much. 

Now - I am waiting for Mel and Stacey to visit!! LOL! TTFN.


jacqueline said...

Great to read such a beautiful friendship story:-).I do meet people i learn from the internet very offen.I do have a couple of photo on my blogspot from last Sunday,please visite here if you like:
It's such a great oppertunity to have friends,to meet them and to share even the same hobby with them.
I life in Belgium nearby "Bruges",but i'm dutch:-)
For me it is hard because i actually ain't flamish,so i learned the language and meet friends now.Your exited trips to castles and London were very lovely to look at.
I wish you your family and friends more wonderful spending times and great views,maybe from all over the world:-D

many greetings from jacqueline

Deanna said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! But what a great post! The pictures are wonderful! My daughter and I just came home from a trip to visit an internet friend and I can now say 'just friends'. She and her husband were delightful! Feel better soon!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for taking us along on the cyber tour. It sure sounds and looks like all of had a marvelous time. It also brought back memories of my England visit quite a few years ago. Now go get some rest and feel better. After reading this, I'm sure a lot of us would like to come visit at Vicki's house.

Marif said...

So nice to have an idea of what you did together!
I love the concept of the lions all around Bath, so cool! Did you take pics of all 30 you saw... I'm picturing the layout you could make with that, LOL.

Sorry you're sick, hope you feel better soon!

Becky Roy said...

Your post is such a beautiful story - I love hearing of all of the sites you took Sara to see and the photos were so not boring! Thank you for sharing.

deb said...

What a wonderful visit you had! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the places you went. It's lovely!

Sara said...

To say we had a great time is an understatement! The kids are still talking about 'Vicki & Rob' and trains and princesses! Thank you for an absolutely, positively excellent visit to the UK... we will never forget... and I too, am grateful that we finally got to, when are you going to visit us? Cheers, Sara

April said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon. I bet it was great to meet Sara and visit around your country. I just returned from England myself. I went with three other ladies from our small town. I was the first visit to England for them and it was fun to watch their faces light up in awe as we visited sites in London and all over. We went to Devon and then to South Wales but saw different places than you did so now I want to go back and see those ones. We went to Caerphilly and St Fagan's National Museum and drove over the other bridge. We went up to Scotland and over to castles in North Wales too. I have been to Bath before but they didn't have Lions then. That would be fun to see. I'm glad you had a great time with Sara and her family. What a wonderful experience. Thanks for giving us a birds eye view of her visit.

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