Saturday, 7 August 2010

It's the weekend!

It's the first weekend since I've been back at work and I think I needed it! It was very busy this week, but I think I coped pretty well!! LOL! I wanted to give you an update on Lily.... She had her x-rays and scan and despite having an empty stomach (no food since 5pm the evening before) her stomach was FULL of gasses. So, that seems to be the reason she is not holding her food down easily (and has constant wind LOL)! Anyway, she is booked in to have an endoscopy on Tuesday at the vet hospital. She has to stay all day again - I really won't be popular with her will I?

In other news, hubby went out with the boys last night and he now has a major hangover! He is being a typical man about it and is grumpy and won't get out of bed! I am giving him another couple of hours and then he just better get up and start enjoying the weekend or I am going to be annoyed!! LOL!

I released a new kit this weekend called Peacock - I'll tell you more later, but you can pick it up here if you're interested :). Also, there's a new challenge on the forum today - come and join us if you're not already registered - there are prizes for everyone via a points system, so you won't want to miss it!! OK, that's all for now - back soon. TTFN.


MoosieD said...

Poor Lily, hope the vet finds what is causing her problem. She must be SOOOOO uncomfortable!

Peacock is simply stunning! I love the colours and can't wait until next Friday (tip day) to get it.

that girl said...

Oh, poor Lily! Lots of love coming her way....

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