Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More photography

Well, I have really learned something today! Our first proper assignment for the 12 Days of Christmas photography course was to use white balance and to test out the results we get from each setting. The only chance I have had has been tonight in my house after dark with the flash because I have been at work all day, so it's a good test for Christmas indoor photos! I have to say, I have never played with white balance before, but I would probably have chosen tungsten light for my indoor photos if I'd had to choose as it's an image of a lightbulb on the camera and seems appropriate!! I could not have been more WRONG!! LOL! So, from the photos I took of our VW Beetle money box, it seems that in my house with the lights I have, shade is the best option - check it out! WOW! I am so excited about this course, it's really got me thinking about how my camera works! Thanks CJ :) TTFN.


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