Thursday, 30 December 2010

Taking new year's resolutions seriously...

...well my Dad certainly will be! On Tuesday, my Mum called me to say that my Dad had been taken to the hospital with a suspected heart attack. I headed off to my parents house before I knew what had actually happened as we were packed to go there anyway. To cut a long story short, he has had a heart attack and is on complete bed rest in hospital. Today, he had an angiogram in the hope that they could put in some stents to keep the arteries open, but unfortunately, they are too blocked to do that. So now, he is booked in for a triple heart bypass on Tuesday of next week. Wow, it's been a shock! I can hardly say a complete surprise as since he retired, he's become much less active and eaten far too much and has put on some weight, but it really does go to show that sometimes resolutions are forced on you and you MUST take them seriously. He now has to be on a strict diet and an exercise regime supervised by the hospital. But what a way to start a new year hey? It has certainly made me stop and think about the excesses of Christmas and my new year's resolution to lose some weight! I don't have an enormous amount to lose, but it's enough that I am now more motivated to do it.

So, I may be a bit awol over the next week or so while I take some time to be with my family, but I will still be around and reading your lovely comments - they really do mean a lot to me.

Just wanted to let you know also that I won't have a new kit this week, but I do have a BIG sale tomorrow (Friday 31st December) for one day only if you want to pick up some end of year bargains. Here's a look at the flyer - click here to go to my store and discount will be applied automatically to your purchases, there is no need for a coupon. TTFN.


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