Sunday, 23 January 2011


Things move so fast in my world sometimes! LOL! I am getting ready to start up my challenges again now that my Dad is on the road to recovery and I had an idea to start a Facebook group for us all to chat as we used to in the forum. I asked what everyone thought on Facebook and they all thought it was a good idea and so I have done it! However, I am conscious that not everyone is on Facebook and so I am going to post each challenge on my blog as well with instructions and rules so that you can upload to the gallery without having to sign up to Facebook - you just won't get the 'community chat' feel that way, but maybe that's what you prefer! :)

So, if you want to join the Facebook group now so that you are ready for Challenge 1 of 2011, go here and request to join the group - I will accept you all :) The first challenge will be posted in the next few days both here and in the group. Hope to see lots of you there! TTFN.


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