Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese Whispers CJ & P365

I am really excited to be taking part in my very first circle journal at ScrapaGoGo. This is a CJ with a difference, it's a Chinese Whispers CJ. The basic idea is that you take a layout that you love and do a scraplift. Then, you pass it on to the next person who does a scraplift of your layout whilst at the same time receiving from the person before you in the list a layout that they've done. Make sense? Well, I chose a layout by Nic Booth who is on the design team at ScrapaGoGo - check it out in all it's paper scrapping glory!

And, I lifted it to a digi layout :) Yeah - I LOVE to do something different to everyone else!! LOL! This is what my layout looks like. I used my Village Fair kit and the bingo card is one of the hybrid elements from the January ScrapaGoGo kit.

This is going to be great fun - one layout a month - I'll show each of them to you. Speaking of regular things - I am also keeping up with P365 - here are my photos for week 4 with captions underneath:

Day 22: I'm an Apple girl!!
Day 23: Chimney at Troopers Hill - yes, I am there a lot!!!
Day 24: Please feed me, I'm starving here!!
Day 25: This will be me if I don't get another cuppa!!
Day 26: These are the only way to get through today :(
Day 27: Danger dog!!
Day 28: Pompey upside down pup!

That's all for today - back soon! TTFN.


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