Saturday, 22 January 2011

Project 365 Week 3 photos

Are you still keeping up with P365? I am, I am!!! LOL! I am very impressed with myself and taking the photos on my iPhone and either using the hipstamatic app or the instagram app is working great! I always have my phone with me, but it's awkward to carry a camera all the time. Let me show you this week's photos with the captions below:

Day 15: Big Ben with Sasha!
Day 16: Hubby chilling!
Day 17: Scrapagogo January kit arrived!
Day 18: Pompey - awwwww! (using instagram app)
Day 19: The Royal Crescent, Bath.
Day 20: Lily at Troopers Hill, Bristol
Day 21: No way are you passing with those dogs!!

I find that the hipstamatic app is great for photos when it's good light, but not so good for indoors, so I decided to use the instagram app too which uses the phone's built in camera and you apply the effect afterwards. The photo of Pompey was the first one I took using the instagram app - you can probably see the difference between the two types. The P365 app is great too - it will allow me to do an image of the full month for you all to see when it's full (I might even use that on a layout by itself).

I hope you are enjoying seeing my photos - when I get to 4 weeks, I am going to get scrapping with them!! TTFN.


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