Friday, 18 March 2011

Cosy cases for my gadgets!

I took the plunge this week and treated myself to an iPad (they were £100 off at the Apple store, so it was rude not to really)! I wanted to get a case for it that was very girly rather than practical - that's me all over! LOL! I was browsing ebay and came across these handmade beauties - one for my new iPad and one for my Kindle :) The photo is the listing photo because the lady who made them is better at photographing them than I am and it's a bit rainy and dark here right now!

I am so super pleased with them - they are like little sleeping bags for my gadgets because they are fleece lined - it really feels like I am putting them to bed! LOL! If you're in the UK, I would definitely recommend the service I got from Cheryl as she made the kindle case as a commission for me and I had it within 4 days of first asking if she could do it! The quality is also second to none - I can't fault it in any way. Check out her ebay listings here and her website here for some super funky shower caps - very vintage inspired! I may even have to treat myself to one of those too :) TTFN.


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