Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New challenge

Hey everyone - I finally have my latest challenge ready - sorry for the delay. Before I get to it, a few people have asked me for a Pompey and Lily update, so I must do that first :)

Pompey is his usual self - seemingly uninterested in the world until food/walk/a visitor comes along, then he's crazy happy dog. He seems content to just sleep and dream his doggy dreams. We had some trouble with him when he was young with a bad tummy and various visits to the vet, but he seems over all that as he's gotten older - he hasn't been to the vet for more than his yearly jabs for a while :) Here is a typical Pompey pose - the cosier he is, the better!!

Lily on the other hand is much harder work! She needs lots of love and cuddles (which I don't mind at all) but her epilepsy seems to be very slowly getting worse. We started out at 2-3 fits in a year and now they're every 2-3 months. Still not frequent enough to have medication, but I think that's inevitable. She also suffers from gastritis which is aggravated by the fact that she insists on eating at great speed! We are overcoming it by feeding her wet food instead of dry and in a slow feeder bowl - it definitely helps! She is such a naughty little thing as she still enjoys rolling in fox poo for fun and playing in muddy puddles - the muddier the better! Roll on summer when the muddy puddles are a thing of the past :) This is a fairly recent photo of Lily doing what Lily does best - playing outdoors!

So, back to the challenge and this time it is all about weather. As my latest kit has a weather theme, it inspired me in this challenge. I wanted to scrap some photos of hubby and I walking the dogs on a cloudy, windy and cold beach when the sun poked through for just a few minutes. Your layout could be about any weather, any time of the year, but I want to see a weather theme in it. (edited to add: you must use a kit from one of the Scrap That Idea designers - any one will do)!

This is what my layout looks like using Cloudy Day:

Please upload your layouts to the gallery here before the end of the day on Saturday 19th March and the winner and runner up will each win a kit of their choice from my store. I really cannot wait to see what you do - remember if you want to chat with other scrappers, you can join my facebook group for challenges, but the layout must be put in the gallery to be in with a chance of winning! Good luck everyone!


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