Sunday, 6 March 2011


Are you still playing along? I am - just about!! I have to say some days are MUCH harder than others. Until the nice weather hits, I feel I am taking photos of boring things, but hopefully that is going to change really soon because Spring is getting into gear finally (I hope)! I have been collecting up some of the layouts that my blog readers have done with my Calendar Collection and there are some great ones out there - take a look at this collection of layouts if you're in need of some inspiration....
You girls are rocking the kit - I need to get my butt in gear and scrap some layouts with all of my photos - I think I am going to do monthly layouts rather than weekly as I am so totally useless at keeping up with the scrapping even though I can just about keep up with the photos themselves! LOL! Anyhoo - next blogpost will be a Pompey and Lily update as requested by the lovely Pam :) TTFN.


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