Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A very sad day!

This post is very, very difficult and I have changed the words a hundred times to try to get it right so that you can understand my decision making....

Two and a half years ago, Stacey, Mel, Sara and myself had an idea to open a store that sold great kits at a great price and Scrap That Idea was born. We loved our baby and had some great times growing it and developing as designers at the same time.

However, as we all can relate, the store took up more and more of our time and it got to the point where our lives were dominated by it. I took over running the store myself in January thinking that with one person in charge, things would be more straightforward and run more smoothly.  However, I grossly underestimated just how much work there was and even though the girls helped with the newsletter and answering customer questions, I just couldn't keep up with it all, work my full time job and have any normally functioning social life!

So, with a tear in my eye, I told the other girls that I would have to step down. All of them are super busy as well with their own lives and they couldn't find the time to run the store either, so we came to the very difficult decision to close the store. It breaks my heart that it came to this, but at the same time I feel a massive burden lifted from my shoulders. I hope you all understand? It has been an incredible journey and all of you have been there along with us - some of you from the very start of my designing even before Scrap That Idea. I would love to thank you all personally for the amazing support you have given us over the years.

I will still be designing, but I am going to have a bit of a break. My designs will be at My Memories going forward as I have a contract with them and they are very easy to design for - they have a fantastic behind the scenes team and a great group of girls on their facebook page and blog. It may take a few months before I have a brand new kit, but I will be back and you will all be the first to know. For those of you collecting the calendar collection, I will have the June installment ready very soon and I will be making a bumper pack to complete to December which any of you that have bought kits from the calendar collection will get as a gift from me when it's done - watch this space!

So, that's the story everyone - I just wanted you all to know and understand why we closed the store. Thanks once more for your never ending support - as a parting gift, my store is 50% off after which time all dollar kits will be gone forever! TTFN.


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