Monday, 19 March 2012

Still alive!

Hey everyone - if anyone is still out there as I am such a bad blogger! I thought I'd stop by and show you some of my paper scrapping I've been doing lately and also tell you about our house renovation.

The house is coming along well, my craft room/office is completely done as is our bedroom. We've moved on to the guest bedroom now and are hoping to have that done in a few weeks. Hubby has been working so hard and he has mostly painted the top of the outside of the house where we had horrible dirty grey render. It's now a lovely cream colour and looks much more like a country cottage :) I will show some photos next time, I promise.

So, here are my layouts - the first is a challenge layout for the GoGoGetaway that I am going to in a couple of weeks.

And these three are chinese whispers layouts that I've done so far this year.

Sorry it took me so long since my last post - I will try to do better next time! TTFN.


Susie2shoes said...

Love your scrabooking. Especially the puppy one. Can't really see them to clearly as I'm on my iPhone which can be a pain sometimes. Will have a better look in the morning.

Are you a lady of leisure now, or are you commutiting into work. I love everything you've both done to your new house.

Thanks for the blog update. It was always my go to blog for inspiration and a pick me u

Susie2shoes said...

How I hate my iPhone sometimes grrr. That should have read ....pick me up. :)

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