Sunday, 29 April 2012

Our lovely new home....

Well, I promised some photos of our new home and today I am finally posting some :-). So we moved here in August last year and hubby has been really busy renovating. Lots of what he's done can't be seen, but was important. There were bricks to repair on the outside, a new central heating system with all new pipes and radiators, pretty much half the house has been re-wired, the loft insulated and partially boarded and many other remedial repairs along the way. But now the noticeable work is starting to take shape. My craft room/office was finished fist and looks like this:

I chose a theme of green/white/grey and I think it works well. Got to love those Expedit shelves from Ikea - they are just perfect for the job! And check out my lovely big desk, although I must say, I use all the space and could do with a bit more!! lol!

Next was the outside of the house, it was pretty grey and dull where it was rendered and never painted, so we opted for a nice oatmeal colour and prettied it up some. Check out the before and after:

You'll see we also painted the shed - I think a nicer look all round there :-) Goodbye grey!

The next room to be finished was our bedroom and I was really pleased that hubby allowed me to go with Cath Kidston bedding. I think it's very fitting for a country cottage and was worried he'd think it too girly, but I think the blue saved the day for him!

And we are now just finished with the guest bedroom. I wanted to make something special out of a cupboard in the corner which bizarrely had a window in it. So, after consulting my favourite site, Pinterest, I decided on a reading nook - I love how it turned out!

And that's where we are now. Hubby is working on the living room next and I am working on colour schemes! I think we work well together - he can turn his hand to anything practical and I can bring it all together with some colour!

That's all for today - I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our home. One day I will be a good blogger again, but until then, TTFN!


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