Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Life gets in the way!

Hello again! I decided that I might try to keep up my blog from time to time, even though I won't be doing any designing again unless things change drastically. There are a few people still reading my blog, so this is for you guys (and for me of course as I love to look back on old posts).

So, what have I been doing? Well, you know we moved (nearly 3 years ago now) to the countryside and a beautiful new home? That is what has been keeping us busy (well, more accurately Mr P, but you knew that right?)! This house bears no resemblance to the house we moved into in 2011 - he has stripped it back and made it beautiful. He re-plastered all the walls and ceilings, stripped the floorboards, decorated, built some wardrobes and cupboards, new kitchen, new bathroom, new windows and painted the outside of the house. He really has done a great job. He is now working on a large decking area with a summerhouse that makes the most of our amazing views! And they say a woman's work is never done!! lol!

I've been super busy with my day job and by the time I finish the day at work, I don't want to look at the computer anymore (hence the lack of digi), so I have been doing more paper crafting which I love - scrapbooking and making cards. I've also been getting into gardening - I had never even mowed a lawn before we moved here, but I like to think I am starting to know what I'm doing with my green(ish) fingers! The garden looks amazing in the spring and we're lucky that the people who owned it before had planted it up with lots of perennials, so they come back in all their glory every year!

The dogs have been filling a lot of our time too - we got a third dog, a rescue called Rosie. She's a staffordshire bull terrier and is about 10 years old. She had been abandoned by her previous owner (tied up outside a supermarket and left) and so I took pity on her and adopted her. She is an absolute delight and as she has separation anxiety (understandable), she comes to the office with me once a week when I go in and everyone there loves her as much as we do - she is so well behaved. A photo? OK, here you go. This is how she loves to spend much of her day!

Pompey and Lily love their little sister. Well, Lily does - Pompey just tolerates everyone these days - he's turning into a grumpy old pup! lol!

Well, that's it for now - I will try to update at least a couple times a month just so that you know I'm still alive! TTFN x


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